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Practical Informations

You come from abroad and you want to join Inria team

Find here all the practical informations for your arrival

General information for international guests


Any visit, even a short one, by a non-citizen of the European union, needs to be prepared  quite some time in advance ; both INRIA and the university (if the stay is in one of the university labs and not only the INRIA building) need to ask for security clearance from the defense security officer, which can take up to two months.

The team assistant can help with visa and work permit (carte de séjour) matters , handled through the Université de Bordeaux Mobility Centre.


Finding a place is the first obvious problem. Real estate agencies exist all over town, but take fees  (usually one month's rent).

Owners often ask for additional securities such as a warrantor who agrees to pay the rent in case of difficulties

Health insurance


The French tax office provides detailed information in English

French classes

Inria organises French lessons , enquire with the team assistant


If you have a work contract with Inria, your employer reimburses 50% of your yearly subscription for the tram and bus system , or your train subscription between your residence and your work place; enquire with the team assistant.

Social and cultural life

Yours to discover!

  • For employees of INRIA, AGOS (on the first floor of the INRIA building) offers reduced tickets for cinemas  (Megarama, UGC Bordeaux, CGR Villenave and Bordeaux, gaumont Talence and nation-wide; Tickets proximité for cinemas in the region, CGR Pau), the swimming pool of Talence Thouars , some amusement parks in the region ; and partial reimbursement of theatre , music  and amusement park tickets . In special cases, they also reimburse part of the house moving cost.
  • The AGOS library  with comics and travel guides, staffed by volunteers, is open to everyone
  • Foreign Guests Club organises visits bowlings , wine tasting parties  and excursions for foreigners , their family and friends.
  • Appellation Origine Campus runs a community garden on campus.
  • Cultural activities for students organised by CROUS.
  • Cultural activities of Université Bordeaux 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  • Bordeaux tourist office.
  • Opera and concert hall of Bordeaux.
  • Concert programme.
  • Utopia, cinema art et essai.
  • Cinema programme.

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