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Inria Industry Meeting

13 October 2015 at the Palais de la Bourse, Bordeaux -

Medical devices, connected objects and information systems: how is digital convergence managed?

Inria has long been involved in research in the Life Sciences and Healthcare. Over 20% of our research teams are dedicated to subjects directly linked to the field of healthcare. Many of these develop cross-disciplinary expertise, driving forward the increasing use of digital technology in healthcare.

Aspects relating to modelling and customisation are now being factored into the design of innovative medical devices. This is especially true now that medical devices are increasingly being designed to communicate with each other using tablets, mobile phones and connected objects which identify all sorts of parameters which may be medical data.

All these data must be gathered, made secure, shared, analysed and sometimes even directly integrated into the information systems used by clinics and healthcare institutions. From collecting data, processing it and then sharing it, this now digital continuum raises crucial questions and implies the need to rise to real technological challenges.

Convinced of the need for convergence between medical devices, connected objects and information systems, Inria, CVSTENE, the IHU Liryc, Digital Aquitaine with the members of the TIC Santé Aquitain cluster and the Agence Aquitaine Développement Innovation have joined forces to organise this one-day forum to explore and discuss the issues and get to grips with all-digital convergence.

In the morning, speakers from the worlds of industry, healthcare, science and institutions will present some general background information. After lunch, a showroom dedicated to demonstrating technology developed by our research teams or provided by our partners, will give you a very real idea of what a future collaboration would be like.


  • Talks by many professionals in the sector, affording an opportunity to discuss and spark ideas for new collaboration and technology transfer projects.
  • Around twenty innovative technologies and applications will be demonstrated in a showroom.

Inria Industry Meeting

For over twenty years, Inria has been hosting "Inria-Industry Fora” during which the Institute presents its research and technology transfer activities to companies in a given sector.

The aim of these sessions is to promote Inria's work and better understand the needs of industry partners in order to establish links between the two communities that may lead to new collaboration or technology transfer projects. The days include demonstrations relevant to the sector in question, which are pitched by Inria’s teams and SMEs partnered or started up by Inria, and end with themed lectures.

These fora are organised in partnership with competitiveness clusters in the relevant sector and in which Inria plays a key role and targets companies in the sector, particularly innovative small and medium-sized companies.


Keywords: Information system Innovation Digital healthcare Connected devices Medical data. Inria Industry Meeting Inria Bordeaux - Sud-Ouest