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Transfer: Who for? What for?

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Transferring skills and results from research to industry is one of Inria’s core objectives. The institute encourages and supports projects involving transfers between their research teams and the industrial world, the goal being to enhance the impact research has on society, to support innovation at a company level and to boost regional economic development. 

Each Inria centre boasts a Transfer for Innovation and Partnerships Department, which acts as liaison between research teams and companies.

Inria’s commitment to research partnerships and support for corporate research and innovation has seen it awarded Institut Carnotstatus.

The Institut Carnotlabel is an excellence label that was set up in 2006 by the Ministry for Higher Education and Research in order to promote research partnerships (research conducted by public laboratories in response to industrial problems) and to meet the innovation needs of French companies.  For the past 5 years it has been awarded to the most successful public laboratories in the field, who must make a commitment to improvement objectives.

Below you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions on the subject of transfer, in addition to an introduction to the tools that are available and some useful contacts.

What is technology transfer?

Technology transfer is the process of converting results from research into innovations, crossing the divide between the scientific world and the business world.

There are three different types of transfer:

  • The transfer of knowledge, via partnership-based research projects
  • The transfer of skills, via the mobility of a given scientist, for example, or through the recruitment of a doctoral student or an engineer at the end of their time spent at a laboratory, who will then go on to disseminate their scientific expertise within the company
  • The transfer of technology, i.e. the integration of technology, which may involve setting up a company, establishing a partnership between a laboratory and an existing company or developing a community of companies based around the use of free software.

How to identify the relevant Inria team for your subject

More than 3,400 scientists across the 172 project teams operating within the 8 Inria centres work day in, day out to tackle the scientific and technological challenges of information and communication.

Contact the Transfer for Innovation and Partnerships team

The staff from the Transfer for Innovation and Partnerships Department are in direct contact with research teams on a daily basis. They also act as a natural interface for industrial requests. They have all of the requisite information at their disposal, meaning they are able to guide you towards the right research team and to help you build a partnership and transfer project.

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