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Inria Industry meeting

February 11th 2014, ENS Lyon, Espace Charles Mérieux, Lyon -

Bioinformatics and digital tools designed for health products

Bioinformatics illustration © Inria / Photo Kaksonen

Nowadays, it goes without saying that the use of information technology is important, even necessary, in the life sciences.
The amount of information that needs to be processed, analysed, stored, and represented is constantly growing. These data must then be integrated, compared, and viewed alongside other data to further knowledge and generate added value.

Even beyond the issues presented by managing data and the effort required to process this information, the challenge is to improve the capacity of researchers to develop new hypotheses, produce innovative models, and test them. Consequently, the use ofin silico tools is leading to the invention of new methodologies. In this context, computational sciences today are key, as they play a role in experimental design itself.

Inria, in partnership with Lyonbiopôle, is holding a "Rencontre Inria Industrie" [Inria Industry Meeting] in order to highlight the relationships between data modelling, analysis, and management in the development of health products.

Lecturers from the industrial, medical, scientific, and institutional spheres will speak about the context surrounding this issue and the advantages presented by these approaches. Studies carried out by Inria and Lyonbiopôle will be discussed. Topics will include bioinformatics (previous method of processing genomic data), biomodelling (systems biology, physiology, cell populations, structural biology, and pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modelling), heterotrophic plate count methods, and big data.

Programme of the day:

  • Many professionals from this field will give lectures throughout the day, providing conference-goers with an opportunity to share and initiate new collaborations and technology transfer projects.
  • Over a dozen demonstrations by Inria research teams, start-ups, SMEs, and corporate groups will be held in a showroom to highlight innovative technologies and applications.
  • Separate meetings will also be held with SMEs interested in establishing partnerships with Inria.

Inria Industry Meetings

For over twenty years, Inria has hosted "Inria Industry Meetings". During these conferences, the institute presents its research and what it has to offer to companies in a given sector.

The goal of these sessions is both to publicise Inria's work and to understand the needs of industry partners in order to establish links between the two communities that could lead to new collaborations or technology transfer projects. The day is structured around demonstrations relevant to the sector in question, which are carried out by Inria teams and SMEs partnered with or started by Inria, and rounded off by themed lectures.

These Meetings are organised in partnership with a competitiveness cluster from the chosen sector, in which Inria plays a key role, and target companies from the same sector, particularly innovative small to medium-sized enterprises.


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