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MRI images

Marie Collin - 1/06/2015

Pixyl, the startup at the cutting-edge of brain imaging analysis for healthcare

MRI analysis - © Pixyl Modelisation from MRI images - © Pixyl

Pixyl has developed a new software solution for medical research designed to extract the maximum amount of information contained in MRI brain scans (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). This solution specifically locates, identifies and quantifies, from MRI sequences, a broad range of brain lesions related to pathologies such as multiple sclerosis, brain trauma, cerebrovascular accidents and brain tumours. Pixyl thus opens up new possibilities for the use of these imaging resources whose potential has hitherto remained under-developed in the biotechnology industry.

Logo Pixyl

Senan Doyle , CEO of Pixyl : "MRI scans of the brain contain an enormous amount of information which experts have hitherto been unable to tap into due to a lack of time or suitable tools, which is why we decided to create Pixyl.
The aim is to transfer our research on MRI analysis to the industry and make it as widely available as possible. "

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