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Workshop "The aerodynamic control - Application in the ground transport"

Maxime Feingesicht, Non-A Team, participate as speaker at the workshop  "The aerodynamic control - Application in the ground transport" Which will be held on May 20th at the stadium of the Hainaut de Valenciennes. He will present the first works of Non-A on the control of turbulences.

  • Date : 20/05/2016
  • Place : Stadium of Hainaut, Valenciennes

This workshop joins in the research program ELSAT2020 by Cisit, OS 4 Sizing and performance of the functions conveys: energy and Project CONTRATEC environment.
During the morning the  platform CONTRAERO (LAMIH, IEMN, LML and ONERA) will be presented just after Eric Markiewicz's intervention on Cisit and its research program ELSAT2020 as well as the Federation of Search(Research) Ground Transport and Mobility.

Keywords: Aerodynamics Transport