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Technology transfer


Technology transfer: for whom and to what end?

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One of Inria's fundamental tasks is to transfer research skills and results to industry.  Inria encourages and supports projects to transfer technology from its research teams to industrial partners with the aim of enhancing the impact of research on society as a whole, supporting business innovation, and developing regional economies.

Each Inria research center operates an Innovation and Partnerships Transfer Department, which provides a vital link between the research teams and businesses.

Inria is committed to research and innovation in partnership with companies – work that has led to Inria being awarded the prestigiousInstitut Carnotlabel.

In France, the Institut Carnot label is a seal of excellence established in 2006 by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research to encourage public sector research laboratories to address industrial challenges and thus respond to the innovation needs of French companies. The label is valid for five years and is awarded to the top-performing public sector laboratories; in return, these labs commit to a set of improvement targets.

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about technology transfer, a description of the tools available, and a list of useful contacts.

What is a technology transfert ?

Technology transfer consists in converting research results into innovations by moving them out of the scientific realm and into the wider economy.

This transfer can take one of three forms:

  • The transfer of knowledge through research projects carried out in partnership.
  • The transfer of skills and expertise , for example, by loaning a scientist or hiring a PhD student or engineer after their tenure in the laboratory; these individuals can then make their expertise available to the business.
  • The transfer of technology , i.e., implementing a new technology by creating a company, forming a partnership between the laboratory and an established business, or developing a business community around an open-source software package.

How can I identify the Inria research team working in my field ?

More than 3,400 scientists in 172 project teams at the eight Inria centers are working on a daily basis to solve scientific and technological problems in computer science and communications.

Contact the staff at the Innovation and Partnerships Transfer Department

The staff in the Innovation and Partnerships Transfer Department have direct, daily contact with the research teams. This makes them the natural choice to serve as the interface for requests from industry. They have all the information they need to point you to the research team most suited to your requirements and to set up a collaborative technology transfer project.

Inria Lille – Nord Europe is actively involved in partnerships and technology transfers with innovative businesses. The Inria Plateau, a research demonstration space open to all, has been part of the EuraTechnologies ecosystem since 2010. Come discover this site for exchanging ideas about digital innovation and interact with staff from the Innovation and Partnerships Transfer Department.

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