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Internet of objects


IEEE Communication Magazine dedicates a special issue to the Internet of objects

David Simplot-Ryl, Pops Project-Team David Simplot-Ryl,Pops Project-Team

David Simplot-Ryl, POPS research team leader and head of science of the Inria Lille - Nord Europe research centre, is co-author and guest of a special issue of IEEE Communications Magazine  on the topic of "Internet of objects".

"With the Internet of objects, a new world is offered to us: any object can be "identified", communicate with others, and become an integral part of the Internet".

The functional purpose of this subject aims to provide a global overview of the state of the art regarding technology, applications and standardisation in the field of the Internet of objects and to present an overview of the research possibilities and future challenges in this field. The special issue will examine the initial investigation and the research articles written in a tutorial style." Read the article 

According to "the Journal Citation Report" (2004 edition) published by the Institute for Scientific Information, IEEE, Communications Magazine  is the third most cited journal in telecommunications and the eighteenth in electrical and electronics engineering.

Keywords: IEEE Communications Magazine Internet des objets Equipe POPS Inria Lille - Nord Europe Research Centre