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Inria's stated ambition is for the digital sciences to take their place within the regional and cross-border ecosystem, based on the excellence of its research and on its technology transfer and value-creation measures towards the economic world. That is why the partnership policy is at the heart of the development strategy of the Inria Lille - Nord Europe research centre. Accordingly, Inria is a member of the Lille Nord de France COMUE (Community of Universities and Institutions).


Through its project-teams, the Inria Lille - Nord Europe research centre has for several years been working with the scientific establishments that set the scientific agenda in the Hauts-de-France region.

The centre's partners include universities and Grandes Ecoles such as Université de Lille  - Sciences et Technologies, Université de Lille  - Droit et Santé, Université de Lille – Sciences Humaines et Sociales, and Centrale Lille, but also research organisations, such as the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), and Free University of Brussels (ULB).

Several laboratories set up by these establishments are very closely involved in the development of the Inria Lille - Nord Europe research centre through joint research teams. Foremost among them are the Research center in Computer Science, Signal and Automatic Control of Lille (CRIStAL) and also the Laboratoire Paul Painlevé.


One of the main objectives of the Inria Lille - Nord Europe research centre is to develop new activities by exploring themes in partnership with industrialists, other research organisations and regional innovation players in response to the Lille is French Tech dynamic. In order to achieve this objective, Inria maintains a permanent dialogue with the socio-economic actors of the Hauts-de-France region and is implementing actions and initiatives such as the the InriaTECH technology transfer platform.

For example, our researchers collaborate with major groups such as Auchan, ArcelorMittal, EDF, Orange, SAP, Worldline but also innovative SMEs like Clic and Walk, Cylande, Vekia or Colisweb.

Inria also benefits from the support of local structures aimed at furthering the creation and development of innovative businesses: incubators, sectors and clusters of excellence, economic development structures, resource and expertise centres in the field of digital technology and innovation centres.

Local and regional authorities

The Inria Lille - Nord Europe research centre is growing and building for the future with strong support from local and regional authorities:

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