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Technology platforms

The Inria Lille - Nord Europe research centre's technology and experimentation platforms are testament to the diversity and expertise of the research teams' work. These developments are of great value in terms of scientific output, but also in terms of innovation, facilitating dialogue with industrial players in the field of new technologies.

Sensor networks, FIT-IoT LAB

An innovative experimental platform at the forefront of research on the Internet of the Future for use by stakeholders developing French Internet solutions to perform experiments on wireless mobile networks, thereby speeding up the design of advanced technologies for the Internet of the Future.

FIT IoT-LAB : Mobile wireless sensor networks consist of small, portable and low-energy consumption objects, embedded in larger objects such as vehicles, parcels, industrial equipment and even clothing. FIT-IoT LAB provides an infrastructure that connects several platforms together for testing solutions that use very large-scale mobile sensor networks.

Supercomputing, Grid'5000

The Grid'5000 testbed is a research instrument for serving a growing number of scientific communities with experimental requirements in the area of parallel and/or distributed systems, including HPC, cloud computing and big data.

This infrastructure project consists of computing and storage resources at eight sites (Grenoble, Lille, Luxembourg, Lyon, Nancy, Nantes, Rennes and Sophia-Antipolis) that are interconnected via the Renater network. Designed for reproducible research, Grid'5000 provides access to a highly reconfigurable and controllable environment of more than 10,000 computer cores that integrate advanced tools for using resources, monitoring networks and energy instrumentation. Grid'5000 is funded through a scientific interest group managed by Inria and consisting of CNRS, Renater, several universities and other organizations. At the Lille site, the equipment will be replaced in 2017 as part of the government-region contract for data and will now be hosted in Inria's facilities.

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