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Numerical Simulation for Healthcare and Wellbeing, from Cell to Virtual Patient

Professor Luc Soler 

Expectations and contributions of simulation in the health world

Luc Soler was born on 6th October 1969. In 1999, he was valedictorian for the magister at the Higher Education Computer Science School of the Paris University. He obtained his PhD in Computer Sciences in 1998. Since 1999, he is a research project manager in computer sciences and robotics at the Research Institute against Digestive Cancer (IRCAD, Strasbourg). In October 2000, he joined the surgical team of Professor Marescaux as invited professor at the Medical Faculty of Strasbourg. His main areas of interest are medical image processing, 3D modelling, virtual and augmented reality, surgical robotics and abdominal anatomy. In 1999, his research work has been awarded with a Computer World Smithsonian Award, in 2003 with the first World Summit Award in the eHealth category, in 2004 with the «Best Vision Paper » of IEEE Robotics & automation society, in 2005 with the 2nd international award of the « Sensable Developper Challenge », in 2006 with the « Le monde de l’informatique »  trophy in Health category and in 2008 and 2009 with the first prize of the Kitware Best biomedical Vizualisation award of MICCAI.

Professor Jean-Claude Granry

Simulation  in health: current status and prospective

Jean-Claude Granry is Professor, hospital doctor, head of the division "Anesthesiology, Emergency Medicine" in UAS-SMUR CHU d'Angers.It is also the mission HAS rapporteur on Simulation in Health and President of the French Association of Simulation in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Emergency Medicine (AFSARMU).

Dr Alain Viari

Observation, Modeling and Control for Health 

Alain Viari graduated from University Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI) and holds a PhD in Biophysics. From 1988 to 1999 he worked as a CNRS researcher at Institut Curie (Physics department) and University Paris VI (Atelier de Bioinformatique). He moved to INRIA in 2000 and was successively at the head of a bioinformatics research team (Helix) and Scientific Delegate of the Grenoble-Rhône-Alpes research center. Since 2012 he has been appointed as Seputy Scientific Director at INRIA in charge of ICST for Life and Environmental Sciences. His research activities focus on the development of string and graph algorithms for genomics and proteomics. More recently he grew a new interest for ecology and evolutionary study of infectious diseases.

Régis Caillat-Grenier 

The serious game simulation

Expert in the development of medical simulation solutions as well as educational engineering and scientific and technical coordinator, Régis Caillat-Grenier is a consultant in the field of digital health for 15 years, in particular with regard to the web, mobile applications, serious games and training tools.

Stéphane EIFLER

Virtual medical consultations

 Director of scientific communication

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