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Numerical Simulation for Healthcare and Wellbeing, from Cell to Virtual Patient

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Nowadays, virtual reality becomes more and more engrained in our everyday lives, both personal and professional, in the form of games, motion pictures, simulators and more. Simulation is now often an important part of the training for people of different professions.  Methods for representing artificial or augmented environments are being constantly improved. Researchers also keep developing even more precise models, now closely approaching the living world. This modeling work is carried out on a multi-scale level, taking into account a wide range of parameters. These resulting models can thus be adapted and applied to a specific environment, application, topic or theme, and thus to the patient.

Taking the opportunity of the forthcoming INRIA-Industry Meeting (, organized in partnership with the University-Hospital Institute of Strasbourg ( and the Alsace BioValley Cluster (, we will demonstrate how accomplishments in modeling, simulation, representation and interaction, either on a cell, organ or patient scale,  can contribute to tools for health and healthcare professionals in applications such as surgery planning, identifying treatment strategies, training professionals and educating or supporting patients.

Inria Industry meetings  existed since 1994: This national event provides a forum for industry and researchers.Goals: reduce the time of transfer of technology.Since 2009, Inria is brought closer to the clusters into regions based on its eight research centers located in France.


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