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Inria Industry meeting


Wednesday, November 21


Registration and Welcome Coffee 


Introductory speech by

Jacques Marescaux, President of Ircad and Chief executive Officer of IHU Strasbourg
Jean-Yves Bonnefoy , President of Alsace BioValley 
and Michel Cosnard, Chairman and CEO of Inria


Morning conference (presentations will be mainly in French) moderated by Nicholas Ayache , research director at Inria

  • Expectations and contributions of simulation in the health world

by Professor Luc Soler , IRCAD (Strasbourg), Director of R & D 

"Computer sciences in medicine aim at improving diagnosis and patient care as well as the transfer of medical knowledge to new generations of physicians. Simulation is one of the most important computer science instruments. It can be used for physician training by reducing the learning curves usually realized on real patient. It can also be used for preoperative planning, improving thus the therapeutic strategy definition by a better estimation of therapy effect through simulation. It can finally be used intraoperatively in computer-assisted surgical procedures through the development of augmented reality systems. We will present here several examples of these three main applications awaited by physicians to develop safer medicine."   

  • Simulation  in health: current status and prospective

by Professor Jean-Claude Granry,  Hospital and University Of Angers, rapporteur for the French High Authority of Health

"Training by the methods of simulation in the health field is now widespread. It concerns both initial training as continuing professional development. It is multidisciplinary and multiprofessional.
After some delay, our country brand currently great interest in this teaching method. A recent report by the Health Authority recommends ten actions that would enable a structured development of simulation. National guidelines of good practice are underway.
It is now essential that research be continued to confirm the educational value of this method and demonstrate its impact on the quality and safety of care. Assessment of knowledge and skills, technical and nontechnical, all health professionals by the simulation, seems unavoidable in the medium term."

  • Observation, Modeling and Control for Health 

by Dr  Alain Viari , Deputy Scientific Director for Life Sciences and Environment at Inria

"This talk aims at giving an overview of the current activities in biomedical modeling and simulation at INRIA. It will be based on some of the demonstrations that will be presented during the meeting. Examples will be provided on: 1) the simulation of physiological processes (cardio-vascular, neuronal, respiratory systems, cell proliferation); data assimilation (in particular from medical imaging) in order to determine models parameters; 3) the combination of virtual or augmented reality and geometric modeling for rehabilitation or educational purposes; 4) using brain-computer interfaces for robotic control or medical simulation; 5) computer aided design (CAD) at the molecular and anatomical levels."

  • Simulation with and by serious games

by Régis Caillat-Grenier , head of the Numerical Simulation for Medicine department at Interaction Healthcare

"Examples of actual implementations designed for healthcare professionals, an outlook of various innovating solutions, from fun to serious games, from simple cases to complex environments. What is the expected contribution of numerical simulation ?"

And by Stéphane Eifler , responsible for the Medical Education in Virology at Johnson & Johnson ,
Mr Eiffer will bring a real life testimony on the implementation of virtual medical consultations on the topic of C hepatitis.


Opening of the Showroom and lunch  (demonstrations program)

More than 20 booths with demonstration of innovating technologies from INRIA teams, partnering SME and AMIEs ( French Agency to promote the application of mathematics in the industry) and the EIT ICT labs community.



Short presentations (15 min.) organized by our partners Alsace-Biovalley cluster and IHU Strasbourg  (taking place in parallel to the showroom) 

  • Dr. Josip Car , Global eHealth Unit Director - Imperial College London

How can academics help industry grow health related business

"In the last two decades, the global health sectors experience recurrent cycles of open and closed phases of innovation and consolidation: general and specialist care, chronic and acute care, surgery and medicine, doctor-centred and self-care all display similar patterns of convergence. This presentation by Dr Car, will offer a perspective on the cycle of innovation/competition in healthcare with a special focus on eHealth. He will outline and explain the main drivers of innovation and synergies that exist between converging health paradigms especially with a focus on how professionals in the industry can interact with academics, what’s expected from them, etc."

  • IHU Strasbourg   by Agathon Antoine, Chief Operating Officer 
  • Alsace BioValley   by Guillaume Ebelmann, Chief executive officer
  • Conectus Alsace, Société d'accélération de transfert technologique   by Nicolas Carboni, Chairman and CEO
  • OSEO   by Stamm Alban, Business Specialist 
  • Rhénovia Pharma   by Serge Bischoff , chairman and CEO
  • Bionext   by Laurent-Philippe Albou,  Chief Scientific Officer
  • BASF Beauty Care Solutions France , by Marie-Danielle Vazquez Duchêne , Program manager

Skin interactive exploration and vizualisation

"BASF Beauty Care Solutions France has set up the SkinExplorerTM platform in partnership with INRIA grand Est- Alice team-Bruno Levy. The idea was to link numerical geometry to confocal microscopy data. Our goal was to perfect a heavy and time-consumer technology into alternative 3D reconstruction and visualization tools well suited to explore the skin world."

  • InSimo    by Jérémy Allard, Research fellow at Inria and Project Developer 
  •  Amies (Agence pour les mathématiques en interaction avec l'entreprise et la société)   by Christophe Prud'homme , Project Manager
  • HPC -SME Initiative  by Brigitte Duême, Program manager at Inria and Stéphane Requena, Program manager at Genci



A room dedicated to business meetings will be made available to participants.


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