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Scientific challenges

2013-2017: our 4 priorities

The centre is emphasising four priorities with a strong scientific, economic and societal impact.

  • Impact of IT security issues on our daily lives
  • Images, robotics and instrumentation for health and assistance with dependency
  • Advanced resolution in digital engineering and rapid prototyping
  • Discovery and modelling of knowledge from large volumes of data

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Every month, Inria Nancy - Grand Est research center put the spotlight on a team, a research project or a scientific news . 

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Educational actions

Discover computer science research

Our centre conducts numerous scientific awareness actions aimed at young people and the general public. The objective is to promote the understanding and appropriation of scientific knowledge by a wide audience.

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Applied Mathematics, Computation and Simulation

Algorithmics, Programming, Software and Architecture

Networks, Systems and Services, Distributed Computing

Perception, Cognition and Interaction

Digital Health, Biology and Earth

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