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2018 Inria-Industry Meetings

Intelligent mobility and our environment

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From metros to driverless shuttles, artificial intelligence to robotics, the spectrum of intelligent mobility is now concerned with modes of transport. This will be the theme of the next Inria-Industry Meetings.

  • Date : 20/11/2018
  • Place : STATION F, 5 parvis Alan Turing, 75013 Paris, France
  • Organiser(s) : Inria and partners : Cap Digital, Systematic

For the past twenty years or soInria and its partners have been the link between research and industry. These meetings bring together researchers, companies and local stakeholders in a single place around a chosen theme.

Beyond project development and technology transfer, the Inria-Industry meetings are part of a societal approach rooted in changes in practices. 

In recent years, smart vehicles have come to the forefront. Take, for instance, autonomous shuttles that are gradually becoming part of the daily lives of users. While they do pick up some passengers, these driverless solutions are still struggling to enter the mainstream. And although the resulting ethical issues are, of course, in the firing line, the question of security is also one of paramount importance. As such, robotics, data collection and processing or transport policies could provide some answers and make it possible to propose solutions to this issue. This event will be based in large part on the White Paper on Autonomous and Connected Vehicles produced and published by Inria in May. 

During the round tables, companies will also have time to exchange views with stakeholders in their sector and benefit from their experience. This exchange could give rise to new ways of comprehending smart mobility, of inventing or reinventing it and of innovating. It is indeed with innovation in mind that participants will find out all about the work of Inria researchers.

Mobility solutions should not be conceived solely based on new technology, but also with regard for the environments which they affect. Inria’s work offers expertise in a wide range of strategic issues and provides industry with answers and tools. 

The 2018 Inria-Industry Meetings on mobility and the environment will be organised in several different phases:

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