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On Thursday 13th November 2014, a new edition of Inria-Industry Meetings will be held on the theme of Telecommunications of the Future.

At present, telecommunications forms the cornerstone of all digital activity, both within and beyond the field of business. Faced with the growing amount of content, and the increasing number of users, the global optimization of communications systems is a major challenge which must be met in order to prepare for the telecommunications systems of tomorrow. New issues are arising for both the research and industrial communities, including:

  • Integrating heterogeneous transmission media (all protocols and terminals)
  • Optimizing the use of limited resources: the radio frequency spectrum, sensor energy and memory, etc.
  • Means of accessing large-scale networks for the Internet of Things
  • Optimizing the location of content on the network with Content Centric Networking
  • Taking into account the users’ perspective: security, peer-to-peer contact, network performance, quality of the user experience, etc.

Inria and its partners will go some way to addressing these issues through conferences, round-table meetings, and some twenty demonstrations of innovative technologies, giving representatives of industry an opportunity to meet the researchers and, where appropriate, develop advanced partnerships for research and technology transfer.

Inria Industry Meetings

For over twenty years, Inria has hosted "Inria Industry Meetings". During these conferences, the institute presents its research and what it has to offer to companies in a given sector.

The goal of these sessions is both to publicise Inria's work and to understand the needs of industry partners in order to establish links between the two communities that could lead to new collaborations or technology transfer projects. The day is structured around demonstrations relevant to the sector in question, which are carried out by Inria teams and SMEs partnered with or started by Inria, and rounded off by themed lectures.

These Meetings are organised in partnership with a competitiveness cluster from the chosen sector, in which Inria plays a key role, and target companies from the same sector, particularly innovative small to medium-sized enterprises.


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