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CG Learning Kick-off Workshop


The CG Learning project is a Specific Targeted Research Project (STREP) funded by the FET (Future and Emerging Technologies) unit of the European Commission (EC) --- priority ICT (Information, Society, Technologies) --- within the 7th Framework Programme of the EC under contract No. 255827.

  • Date : 9/06/2011 to 11/06/2011
  • Place : Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris
  • Guest(s) : Kenneth Clarkson (IBM Almaden Research Center), Herbert Edelsbrunner (Instiute of Science and Technology, Austria), Suresh Venkatasubramanian (School of Computing at the University of Utah)
  • Organiser(s) : GEOMETRICA research team

The workshop precedes the 27th Annual ACM Symposium on Computational Geometry.

Confirmed speakers:

  •   Kenneth Clarkson,  IBM Almaden Research Center
     Topic: Geometric optimization and structure in high dimensions  
     I. Quadratic programming in the simplex: coresets and sparsity
     II. Quick and dirty feature extraction: sampling and sketching
     III. Quicker and dirtier quadratic programming: regret bounds and sublinear optimization
  •   Herbert Edelsbrunner,  Instiute of Science and Technology, Austria
    Topics: Computational Topology
     I. Persistent Homology.
     II. Algorithms.
     III. Applications.
  •   Suresh Venkatasubramanian,   School of Computing at the University of Utah
     Topic: The Geometry of Probability Distributions  
     I. Distances between distributions: classification and properties.
     II. Estimation and dimensionality reduction for distributions.
     III. Beyond information theory: metric-aware distances between distributions.


Keywords: Saclay - Île-de-France Workshop GEOMETRICA research team