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Inria welcomes students from the Emile Roux middle school

As part of the "Démarche scientifique dans le numérique" success story that we are leading with Emile Roux this school year, on Thursday, May 9, the 5°4 class and the robotics club came to visit the Inria Sophia Antipolis - Mediterranean research center.

This day was a way to introduce young people to a unique research framework related to digital science.

Exclusively for the occasion, they were able to access the anechoic room, a place dedicated to wave propagation. In addition, they were able to approach the computer servers in the engine room.

Then, the students were able to manipulate scientific mediation objects illustrating computer problems such as Hanoi's three towers or Galton's plate. And finally, the apprentice researchers visited the robotics hall, a room mainly dedicated to the research of the Héphaïstos project team. This space perfectly corresponds to the "Pobot Junior Cup" competition, a competition on the theme of robotics that will take place on May 25. The students of the Emile Roux high school have taken up the challenge: they will participate in this scientific and technical challenge and intend to win the cup!

The Cordées de la réussite aim to promote access to higher education for young people regardless of their socio-cultural background, by giving them the keys to successfully engage in fields of excellence such as digital sciences. The project led by our Cordée included 10 sessions of 2 hours of assistance in preparing the 5th grade class for the Pobot Cup (November to May): assistance with robot assembly, programming... In addition, the project as part of the Cordées de la réussite will end on June 5 at the college's premises with a morning dedicated to disconnected activities for all 6th grade classes.