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Workshop TAG+11

26/09/2012 to 28/09/2012

TAG+11 will feature talks and posters on a range of aspects of Tree Adjoining Grammar and related systems, including syntactic and semantic theory, mathematical properties, and computational and algorithmic studies of parsing, interpretation and generation, corpus-based research and grammar development, and psycholinguistic modeling.

Place : University Paris-Diderot.

Guest(s) : Kevin Knight – University of Southern California, USA - Bonnie Webber – University of Edinburgh, Scotland


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Conférence scientifique

WCC 2015

13/04/2015 to 17/04/2015

This is the ninth in the series of biannual workshops  Coding and Cryptography. It is organized by INRIA and will be held in Paris at the Institut Henri Poincaré (IHP). Our aim is to bring together researchers in all aspects of coding theory, cryptography and related areas, theoretical or applied.

Place : Institut Henri Poincaré (IHP) - 11 Rue Pierre et Marie Curie, 75005 Paris

Guest(s) : Daniel J. Katz (California State University, Northridge, USA), Swastik Kopparty (Rutgers University, USA), Emmanuel Thomé (INRIA, France)


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21/07/2016 to 22/07/2016

This workshop will bring together researchers interested in the computational aspects of enabling robots to interact with and learn from humans.

Place : Inria center of Paris 2, rue Simone Iff 75012 Paris, Room Jacques-Louis Lions (1)


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Conférence scientifique

Colloque Mokaplan

11/10/2016 to 12/10/2016

While optimization has been playing a key role in signal and image processing for many decades, the signal and image processing community has made tremendous progress in the last ten years by adopting proximal methods. That breakthrough paved the way to large scale image processing in inverse problems  (compressive sensing, deconvolution, inpainting…) as well as new and more involved modalities.

Place : Salle Jacques-Louis Lions 2 at Inria Paris Research Center


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Prize and distinction

A prize for Eva Team


From May 26 to 29, 2019, IEEE Communication Theory Workshop was held in Selfoss (Iceland), an event organized by IEEE, a professional organization dedicated to advancing technology.


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