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Mario Sanz Lopez - Inria


3D printing, a new asset for research


Mario Sanz Lopez, a multidisciplinary engineer, is not only an expert in robotics and designing sensors and interfaces, but also in building prototypes. A member of the Shacra project team, a joint initiative between Lille university and Inria North European Labs, he is currently putting his talents to use in medical modelling, with the help of a rapidly growing technology, 3D printing.


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Poppy distributed par Génération Robots

Séverine Valerius - 3/04/2015

Inria Bordeaux - Sud-Ouest Research Centre, Thursday 2nd April 2015, 11 AM. A meeting between Monique Thonnat, Director of the Centre, and Jérôme Laplace, Director of Generation Robots, to sign the distribution and brand licensing agreement for Poppy. The SME, a programmable robot specialist, will handle the distribution of the research team's latest creation


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Jonàs Martinez Bayona, keeping up to speed with research in Europe

Mediathena - 24/05/2019

Having moved to France in 2014, Jonàs Martinez Bayona, a young researcher at Inria Nancy - Grand Est, has just been named scientific correspondent for Europe. His role? To find out as much as he can about the various calls for projects launched at European level, to identify potential partners and to liaise with all teams from Inria Nancy - Grand Est.


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Inria's 50th Anniversary

Lucia NICOLAI - 29/03/2018

On December 20th 2017, in the presence of Jean-Pierre BOURGUIGNON, President of the European Council of the Research (ERC) we invited ERC grantees to present their results, advances and ambitions. A precious opportunity to share their views on the future of their disciplines, discuss the best way of guaranteeing the economic and societal impact of the researches led in Inria Nancy Grand – Est Center as well as is and at our academic partners.


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An example of an elastic part printed using this new geometric model - © Inria / Photo D. Betzinger

3D printing

Stars in metamaterials

Mediathena - 22/07/2019

3D printing allows scientists to create metamaterials, i.e. materials whose properties can be configured and graded within the same part. When it comes to using these materials in an industrial context, the possibilities are endless. A collaborative project led by Jonàs Martínez, researcher within the MFX team, a joint undertaking involving Nancy-Grand Est and Loria, resulted in the development of an algorithm capable of generating materials with elastic properties that can be adjusted to suit requirements. The work, which was based around the repetition of patterns defined from star shaped distances, the parameters of which determine the final properties of the material, will be unveiled at the international conference SIGGRAPH 2019.


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2 cars : the top one was printed using CurviSlicer software, while the bottom one was printed using less powerful software. The top car was printed using the CurviSlicer program, while the one on the bottom was printed using a lower quality program. - Inria

3D printing

Smoother 3D prints

Mediathena - 23/07/2019

Two project teams, MFX (Matter from Graphics) and Pixel, joint undertakings involving Inria and Loria based in Nancy, have developed an innovative software for the 3D printing of curved surfaces. In order to avoid “the staircase effect”, the new algorithm CurviSlicer divides the shape of the part to be printed into curved slices in such a way that the deposition follows the surfaces naturally. This makes it possible to perform deposition along smooth curved surfaces using a conventional fused filament 3D printer. Their work will be unveiled at the international conference SIGGRAPH on 31st July 2019.


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