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Ambiciti et la journée sans voiture

18/09/2016 to 25/09/2016

Inria, la Ville de Paris et Particitae organisent les dimanches 18 et 25 septembre un parcours de mesure collective citoyenne du bruit autour de la place de la Nation.

Place : Place de la Nation, au kiosque à musique situé entre le boulevard Diderot et l'avenue Dorian


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Ambiciti: an application, a start-up


The Ambiciti application, which is revolutionary in the real-time analysis of air and noise pollution, is already used in several cities in Europe and the United States will soon follow. Capable of providing the level of air and noise pollution street-by-street and in real time, thereby proposing the "healthiest" itinerary, the application provides a solution to urban citizens to live better in their city. The application was deployed in Paris on 25 September 2016 as part of Car-Free Day.


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Ambiciti reçoit le Décibel d'Argent

Prix et distinction

2016 Décibel d'Or (Golden Decibel) competition: Ambiciti receives the Décibel d'Argent (Silver Decibel) prize in the "Research" category


Inria and the Paris city council are awarded aDécibel d'Argentprize for Ambiciti, an application to measure pollution in towns that, in particular, allows each citizen to measure individual and collective exposure to noise pollution.


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Creation of the Ambiciti start-up


Today, we are becoming increasingly aware of the effects of environmental pollution.Pollution has become a major public health issue, as a large majority of European citizens are exposed to levels of pollution considered harmful to health.


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Experience feedback: Inria Innovation Lab Seth

Launched in 2009, renewed in 2012, and finished in 2016, the collaborative work between the Inria project team CLIME and NUMTECH was based on meteorology and air quality. The main focus of this laboratory involved assimilation in atmospheric dispersion, ensemble forecasts, downscaling, uncertainty and statistical methods.


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Ambiciti measures the animal noise exposure of the Helsinki Zoo


What kind of impact does the city noise have on tigers and other zoo occupants? Helsinki Zoo and Forum Virium Helsinki, the innovation unit of the City of Helsinki, are using smart technology to study the noise experienced by animals and its impacts in collaboration with Inria, the French national research institute on digital sciences and technologies and Ambiciti, a global environmental data service startup company.


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‘Semaine du Son’

Tohu-Bahut: the app that wants to raise student awareness about noise

Aline Brillu - 21/01/2018

An environment that is too noisy can be a source of stress for students.Tohu-Bahuthas set itself the goal of raising awareness among secondary school and sixth-form students with regard to noise pollution. This mobile application enables students to measure noise in the different areas of their school.Tohu-Bahut will be tested for the first time at the Semaine du Son (Week of Sound). This project, which originated during a hackathon, has been implemented thanks to the partnership between Réseau Canopé, Inria, the start-up Ambiciti and with the support of the GMF.

Here they tell us about their involvement


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Ambiciti side-steps from environment to sports

Mediathena – CD (*) - 16/09/2019

Founded in 2016 to offer an ambitious application for real-time analysis of air and noise pollution, the start-up came across some unexpected opportunities in the world of sports two years later. It will now focus on collecting information to analyse the “fan experience”.


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