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e-motion © Inria / Photo H. Raguet e-motion - © Inria / Photo H. Raguet


MOOC : «Mobile Robots and Autonomous Vehicles»


Available soon on the platform France Université Numérique (FUN): a MOOC on «Mobile Robots and Autonomous Vehicles», by Inria-uTOP. Registrations are open.


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Transportation and mobility

Personalization of driving assistance and autonomous driving - (video inside)

UC Berkeley -

We use machine learning approaches to model human driving. The driver models are then used in two applications:
1. make driving assistance systems less intrusive;
2. teach an autonomous car to reproduce various driving styles.
We will show videos of tests performed on our research vehicle.


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© INRIA Sophie Auvin - R comme Robot

Rencontres Inria Industrie

End-to-end driving with Deep Reinforcement Learning

Project teamt Rits (Inria Paris) -

Although traditional methods require an exhaustive understanding of the scene to drive autonomously, we demonstrate an algorithm using Deep Reinforcement Learning that efficiently learned to drive directly from the raw image pixels without any driving examples. This demonstrates a brand new autonomous driving paradigm.


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Bertrand Braunschweig © Inria / Photo G. Scagnelli

Artificial Intelligence

Interview with Bertrand Braunschweig

AB - 26/03/2018

A few days ahead of the publication of the Villani report on artificial intelligence, Bertrand Braunschweig, coordinator of an AI white paper published in 2016 and head of the Inria research centre in Saclay Île-de-France, reviews the work being done on the subject.


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Robotics & Intelligent Transportation Systems - © Inria / Photo H. Raguet

White Paper

White Paper on Autonomous and connected vehicles


Following the publication of its first White Paper on Artificial Intelligence, Inria unveils a second document, this time on autonomous and connected vehicles, in which it identifies and highlights all the issues surrounding the major advances and innovations in this field. What are the technological and scientific challenges, the economic, social and environmental issues, and the legal and ethical implications? This White Paper is a reference text that evaluates, questions and looks ahead.


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