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Cryptanalysis: "trapdoored" prime numbers?

Laurence Goussu - 11/10/2016

A team of researchers, Joshua Fried and Nancy Nadia Heninger (University of Pennsylvania), Pierrick Gaudry (CNRS/University of Lorraine) and Emmanuel Thomé (CARAMBA team, Inria/University of Lorraine), has recently demonstrated that certain standards used in cryptography in order to secure exchanges and communication use prime numbers whose origin is unverifiable: at least 37% in HTTPS (of the million most visited Internet websites), and at least 13% on IPsec VPNs. This represents a real risk of spying on both individuals and economic interests.


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Aurore Guillevic, new researcher in the Caramba team

C.Beri - 8/03/2017

Aurore Guillevic has been a researcher in the Caramba project team since November 2016. Halfway between mathematics and computer science, she works in the field of cryptography, on the security of encryption systems.


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Portrait of Cécile Pierrot, researcher

AL.Charbonnier - 8/03/2018

Cécile Pierrot is a researcher on the Caramba team. Straddling mathematics and computer science, Cécile chose to specialise in cryptography.


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