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The career of a researcher

Catuscia Palamidessi: "In choosing computing, I feel that I have never moved that far from mathematics"

Lise Loumé - 21/03/2014

The third "Semaine des Mathématiques" (Mathematics Week) has chosen to place "Mathematics at the crossroads of cultures". This is the opportunity for Inria to highlight its rich links with mathematics and other disciplines. We meet Catuscia Palamidessi, a researcher in computing of Italian origin, who is in charge of the COMETE team.


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European Research Council 2019

ERC 2019 - Catuscia Palamidessi

Mediathena - 16/05/2019

Catuscia Palamidessi, head of the COMETE team at the Inria Saclay - Île-de-France research center, has been awarded an ERC (European Research Council ) Advanced Grant at the end of March for her "HYPATIA - Privacy and Utility Allied" project. Her goal: to optimize the security and usefulness of personal digital data.


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