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Cybersecurity Conference 2015


Inria co-organise, with the french ambassy and CISPA (Center for IT-security, privacy and accountability) the French German Cybersecurity Conference 2015 on February 27th. This conference invites internationally renown researchers from France and Germany to strengthen existing collaborations between both countries and to foster new ones. The long-lasting history of collaboration in particular between Loria/Inria in Nancy and Saarbrücken will help both sides to team up for tackling the most pressing Cybersecurity challenges for our European society.

Place : Max Planck Institute for Software Systems on the campus of Saarland University

Guest(s) : Michael Backes, Claude Kirchner


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Jean-François Abramatic Jean-François Abramatic - © Inria / Photo G. Cohen


Jean-François Abramatic, 20 years with W3C


Jean-François Abramatic, President of W3C from 1996 to 2001, is currently adviser to INRIA’s Deputy Director General for Industrial Transfers and Partnerships. On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the W3C, the body responsible for standardisation of the Web, he reviews the history of W3C and the new challenges he is facing on behalf of the  consortium.


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Cyber Security


French-Japanese workshop on Cybersecurity

DRI - 31/03/2015

The Institute jointly organizes with the French Embassy in Japan, CNRS, NICT and Keio University, a workshop devoted to cybersecurity that will be held in Tokyo on April 1st and 3rd, 2015.


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Christopher Humphries et Nicolas Prigent from Inria project-team Cidre Christopher Humphries et Nicolas Prigent sont membres de Cidre, une équipe de recherche rennaise spécialiste de la détection d'intrusion.


Viewing for a better diagnosis

Jean-Michel Prima - 27/11/2015

When analysing an attack on a system, human intervention is still a key factor. But the event logs on the operator's screen display a flood of data. How do you identify the right information? Elvis is a research prototype developed at Rennes. It offers an innovative display technique to highlight the relevant phenomena.


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Memorandum Inria-ECNU

AB - 14/06/2016

On Friday 10 June 2016 in Paris, a memorandum of understanding was signed between Jifeng HE, dean of the East China Normal University school of computer science and software engineering, and Antoine Petit, CEO of Inria.


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Cybersecurity innovative solutions, malware analysis and detection

Simorfo develops innovative cybersecurity solutions including malware analysis and detection software. They are based in part on a new technology, morphological analysis, that is the product of several years of research at LORIA and its platform HSL (High Security Lab). The goal is to bring innovative and complementary tools to existing cybersecurity tools.


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Inria Industry Meeting

New technologies to protect digital data and computer systems

This cybersecurity day includes participation from professionals in the field, lectures from well-known speakers, and the presentation of numerous innovative technologies and applications.


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New technologies against Malicious computer activity

Inria Industry meeting

New technologies to protect digital data and computer systems

Thursday, December 8th, Centre de Congrès Prouvé, Nancy, France -

In an ever evolving digital world, cyber-criminals never cease to devise new threats.

From critical infrastructure operators and administrations to large companies, SMEs and ordinary citizens: no one is safe. In order to deal with the evolution of these new threats, a new generation of tools is necessary to protect sensitive data and computer systems.

Jointly organized by Inria and Cispa, the first Franco-German academic-industrial conference on cybersecurity will take place on December 8, 2016.

This conference is organised in partnership with the Paris-Region The Systematic Cluster  Pôle de compétitivité

This event replaces the meeting of April 26 of 2016, cancelled because of SNCF strike. 


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Inria becomes a founding member of ECSO

Léa Angeli - 12/07/2016

The European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) was founded recently to promote Europe's cybersecurity market and encourage applied research in the field.

Inria, which already focuses on the cybersecurity, has just joined the organisation as a founding member.


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Cyber Security


3rd French-Japanese meeting on Cybersecurity

24/04/2017 to 26/04/2017

The 3rd Event on Cybersecurity is organized in Tōkyō, on April 24-26, 2017. Initiated in 2015, this event is co-organized by Inria, the french Embassy in Japan, NICT (the Japanese National Institute for research in computer science and applied mathematics), Keio University, and CNRS (the French national Centre for Scientific Reearch).

Place : Keio University, Mita Campus (Japon)


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