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APISENSE® - Crowd-sensing made easy!

Team SPIRALS (Lille - Nord Europe) -

APISENSE is a middleware platform enabling crowd-sensing by federating volunteer smartphones to collect significant datasets in the field using surveys or sharing sensor data and guaranteeing the respect for their private life. The APISENSE® platform facilitates collection, storage and contributed data processing by a crowd of users. Based on the Web standards and deployed in the Cloud, APISENSE® allows to handle large volume of data that can be returned to various stakeholders and under different forms.


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Cities, IoT and Analytics

Software platform to load and enrich data from various Big Data sources

Start-up Cap Digital - San Francisco -

Dataiku is a startup with the ambition to  revolutionize the daily work of data scientists with a new product, launched in 2014 : DATA SCIENCE STUDIO (DSS). DSS is a software platform that enables you to load and enrich data from various Big Data sources (Hadoop,SQL,Cassandra…), explore and visualize data in a user-friendly interface and build predictive models. 


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Cities, IoT and Analytics

HIKOB - Wireless and multi-points data acquisition systems

Start-up Inria - Remote presentation -

Provided as a fully integrated hardware and software platform, easy to install, long lasting, HIKOB systems enable large scale real-life implementations while avoiding the pain of traditional wired systems.


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Logo - La demi-heure de science Inria de Paris

Conférence scientifique

La demi-heure de science


Place : Inria Rocquencourt, bâtiment 1, amphi Turing

Guest(s) : Vassilis Christophides


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Artificial Intelligence

Inria in partnership with the new Facebook AI Lab

CD - 5/06/2015

The social network has announced the opening of an artificial intelligence research facility  in the French capital. This will be the third such laboratory and the first in Europe, the others being in New York and California. The opening of the laboratory also marks the start of a strategic partnership with Inria.


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© Inria / Valérie Sultana

North Europe associate team

Lille and Oxford: double the expertise to manage data


Since September 2013, the Links research team (a joint team with Université Lille1 and Université Lille 3*) based at Inria Lille - Nord Europe Research Center and the Department of Computer Science's Database Group at Oxford University have been actively working together within the framework of an associate team dubbed Integrated Linked Data. It has been an adventure in terms of science and human relations.


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New research team : Valda


The Valda team arrives within the Paris research center and is managed by Pierre Senellart.


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Xavier Leroy, in charge of the Inria project-team Gallium of the research centre Inria of Paris © Inria / Photo G. Scagnelli


Xavier Leroy: Fellow of the ACM


Xavier Leroy, head of the Gallium project team at the Inria Paris research center, is one of the new Fellows honored by the American scholarly society ACM in 2015, in a tribute to his decisive work on programming languages and compilers, their reliability and their security.


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Conference with Satya Nadella


On November 9th, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft Corp, will give a keynote at La Sorbonne University in a conference entitled “Innovation & Tech : quel sera votre métier demain ?”.

The event will take place from 14:30 to 17:30 at the “grand amphi de la Sorbonne”.

Place : La Sorbonne

Guest(s) : Satya Nadella, Laurent Massoulié, Florent Perronnin, Nicolas Le Roux


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Pascale Vicat-Blanc


« Innovation is 10% theory and 90% benchmarking against the reality of a market. »

AB - 21/05/2015

After a thesis on robot control software systems, Pascale Vicat-Blanc became a lecturer at Centrale-Lyon engineering school, then a research director at Inria. The recognition in the university setting wasn’t enough... so the founder of Lyatiss packed her bags in 2010 and headed for Silicon Valley to create her company and revolutionize the Cloud.


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