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Transportation and mobility

Connected Corridors

ORESTE (UC Berkeley) with ACUMES (Inria Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée) -

Demonstration of integration of mathematical techniques developed within the ORESTE Associate Team between UC Berkeley and Inria, to decision support for smart mobility in urban areas.


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Cities, IoT and Analytics

Decision-support, modeling and optimization of energy systems

SME - San Francisco -

Artelys is an SME specializing in decision-support, modeling and optimization of energy systems, offering key actors of the energy sector efficient solutions to complex and strategic problems. In particular, Artelys has developed the Artelys Crystal City software, for the optimization of local energy strategies. Through a complete model of the local energy system, and the optimization at a fine time step of its productions and flexibilities, Artelys Crystal City offers a thorough support to local energy decision makers. 


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Ethics and Algorithms : Conference


We will try to show in this intervention that ethical questioning, like the questioning on the security of computer systems, is also a fertile source of new scientific and technical questions. For example, the questioning of privacy has given rise to numerous studies on the anonymization of data, the electronic voting project has led to the design of voting protocols, but also to the study of their limits. Similarly, questions relating to the fairness of algorithms, such as the post-bac admission algorithm, or that of the justification of a judgment or decision, lead to new problems that we do not yet know how to solve.

Place : IUT Charlemagne

Guest(s) : Gilles Dowek


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