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Séminaire RAP


Place : Inria Paris - Rocquencourt - Bâtiment 9

Guest(s) : Laurent Massoulié (Inria, Microsoft Research-INRIA Joint Centre)


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Attacks against Industrial Control Systems


Attacks against Industrial Control Systems: assessment and detection

Team project Madynes, Inria Nancy - Grand Est -

Attacks against Industrial control systems and their detection using machine learning techniques.

SCADA systems are used in multiple critical infrastructures: electricity, water, health and transport. The security of these systems is studied by MADYNES research group to detect their anomalies and attacks. We present a SCADA testbed to assess the security of these systems and a tool capable of analyzing the messages exchanged in the control network to automatically specify how anomalies and attacks could be detected. Through multiple scenarios, we show attacks against these systems and their detection with a dedicated tool.


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Team secret and Team Prosecco : SLOTH vulnerability detection


Yesterday, after months of talking with various software vendors, we publicly disclosed a new attack called SLOTH discovered by Gaetan Leurent and Karthikeyan Bhargavan (both INRIA Paris researchers : Team SECRET and Team PROSECCO).


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OrchIDS: intrusion detection using real-time analysis & temporal event correlation

In this demonstration, we present OrchIDS, an intrusion detection system.


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