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Joseph Sifakis - @ CNRS Bellevue

Cycles "les défis scientifiques du 21e siècle"

Sifakis-systèmes embarqués


On Tuesday, 10 March, Joseph Sifakis, winner of the 2007 Turing Prize, research director at CNRS and holder of the Schneider-Inria-Digiteo industrial chair, will give a lecture at the Academy of Science on the topic of embedded systems – new challenges in computer science, which Inria has made one of its priorities.


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Hélène Kirchner, Director of International Relations © INRIA / Photo A.Eidelman  © Inria / Photo A.Eidelman

Collaborations with India

Inria strengthens its collaborations with India

Laurence Hermant - 23/10/2013

At the India-France Technology Summit in New Delhi, Inria will sign a memorandum of understanding with the Indian government's science and technology department (DST) to strengthen its joint programmes with local names from the digital world. Hélène Kirchner, Director of International Relations at Inria, explains the importance of these Franco-Indian programmes.


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Embedded systems

A dedicated cryptography system for embedded systems

Camille Liewig - 5/10/2009

Two researchers, Pierrick Gaudry and Eric Schost, have just put the finishing touches to a new, faster, more reliable cryptosystem. Called Surf 1271, it is based on the use of hyper-elliptical curves and seems particularly well-suited to embedded systems.


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Embedded Systems

Polychronous Modeling for Multi-core Embedded Systems

Jean-Michel Prima - 11/06/2012

Researchers from Inria and VirginiaTech work together on polychronous programming paradigms that could help design critical embedded software for multi-core architectures. Part of this open source technology will be used by the US Air Force,  as French scientist Jean-Pierre Talpin explains


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Technology - Embedded systems

Polychrony and embedded systems

Jean-Michel Prima - 10/11/2010

Built around the Signal language, Polychrony facilitates the integrated development of real-time embedded applications. It is the outcome of a long cycle of research on formal modelling, as explained by the scientists of the Espresso project-team.


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Dart project-team - © Inria - Dart

Embedded systems

Challenges of on-chip systems


Despite being relatively unknown by the general public, on-chip embedded systems play an important role in our daily lives. We can simply look around us to understand their importance: mobile phones, GPS, multimedia consoles... Three researchers on the DART research team received the "Best Paper Award" during the "System on chip 2010" conference. One of them, Abdoulaye Gamatié, gives us some insight into the challenges of this field.


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Alexis Muller

Careers at Inria

Alexis Muller: "The path I chose was research"

Alexis Muller is an expert engineer at Inria Lille - Nord Europe. His early experiences in industry made him understand that his future lay in research.


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