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Guiding the physician during cancer surgery


The purpose of the ADOC project, involving the Galen research team, is to develop an imaging scanner providing guided diagnosis for cancer surgery. It’s labeled by the MEDICEN competitiveness cluster and funded (with respect to Inria) by the Île-de-France Region.


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Computational medicine

Efficient, modular tools to aid interpretation of medical images

Françoise Breton, Technoscope - 28/09/2012

Medical imaging, scans and MRIs provide a lot of data, but identifying the development of an illness or detecting a slow-growing tumour is no easy task. The Galen team is developing algorithms designed to help doctors identify these changes as early as possible. The team's work focuses essentially on methodology and has been successfully applied in a number of contexts, as demonstrated by the significant contribution of its researchers to MICCAI’2012 and previous symposia.

Nikos Paragios, Galen team leader, Inria Saclay–Île-de-France research centre


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I-Support project


Launched as a consortium in March 2015, I-Support aims to design a robotics system to assist elderly people bathe independently. Nine research laboratories and companies are involved in the development of I-Support. The GALEN team at Inria Saclay - Île-de-France Research centre is working on the computer vision for the system.


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