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Inria announces the creation of InSimo, an innovative company in the field of medical simulation software

MD - 7/03/2013

InSimo, a medical simulation software publisher, offers a software platform developed, among others, by Inria, which introduces a new generation of medical simulators to the market. These simulators are more accurate and take less time to develop. Furthermore, these simulators will help broaden the scope of application to meet new requirements in terms of assistance in planning and completing increasingly complex surgical operations.


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Start-up - InSimo

Interview with Jérémie Allard

Patrick Philipon - Technoscope - 30/07/2013

It was a request from an American charity that got everything going for InSimo.
Co-founder and Chairman Jérémie Allard looks back at that episode and explains what is so special about his young company's medical simulators.


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