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SIWA Inria Innovation Lab: Mauna Kea Technologies & the ASCLEPIOS project team

The SIWA project is based around two complementary methodologies: content-based image retrieval to assist in the interpretation of images, and image registration to improve images in real-time.


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Inria Awards 2016

Cordelia Schmid : Inria – French Académie des sciences Grand Prize

Citizen Press - 21/11/2016

Cordelia Schmid, recognised as one of the worlds’ leading specialists in computer aided vision, heads up the Thoth project team at Inria’s Grenoble Rhône-Alpes research centre. Her research is dedicated to artificial vision, and more particularly the automatic interpretation of digital images and videos. She has made fundamental contributions in the field of representation of images and videos and in visual learning, allowing objects, and indeed actions and places, to be recognised by drawing on massive databases of images and videos. Her outstanding career in computer aided vision, spanning over two decades, has won her the Inria-Académie des sciences Grand Prize Award.


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Analysis and comparison of 3D shapes in a collection: Automatic detection and display of deformations


Using large databases of 3D objects

Bel Dumé, Françoise Breton - 29/05/2013

Frédéric Chazal, from the Geometrica team, and Maks Ovsjanikov, from the École Polytechnique, received the Google Research Award 2013 given out by the American internet behemoth behind the Google search engine. This grant should enable these researchers and their colleagues in Israel to successfully complete their project to develop tools and methods for analysing large 3D databases.


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A smart walking frame for rebuilding confidence at home

Laure Guion - 2/05/2013

Problems with falling are the leading cause of hospitalization among seniors. After returning home, the elderly often limit their movements, lacking enough confidence in themselves to resume normal activities. The European MOBOT project is aimed at assisting them once back home by offering a smart walking frame that adapts to their behaviour. Iasonas Kokkinos from the Galen team is contributing his expertise in image analysis for interpreting real-time videos as part of this project.


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