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SolSystem: Proven Sensor-to-Cloud Solution

Projet team Eva (Inria Paris) -

6TiSCH is a revolutionary technology which combines industrial performance (>99.999% end-to-end reliability, >10 years battery lifetime) with seamless Internet integration through IPv6. Besides co-chairing the 6TiSCH working group, the EVA team works hand-in-hand with the leading industrial partners in the field (Analog Devices, IBM) and has built SolSystem (, a true end-to-end solution to gather, communicate, store and analyze sensor gathered, and send actuator commands. The EVA team has deployed and is operating over 1000 sensors on 4 continents, in applications including Smart Agriculture (, Smart City ( and environmental monitoring ( In this demo, we will present a fully working system. We are looking for partners to productize and commercialize our different MVPs, as well as apply the technology to other use cases.


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