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Inria Industry Meeting

Smart City & Mobility Innovations: Towards environmental and social sustainability

On Monday 11th May 2015, a new edition of Inria Industry Meetings was held on the theme of Smart City & Mobility Innovations, organized by Inria, Inria@SiliconValley and PRIME.
For the first time, this event took place in San Francisco demonstrating how Inria is contributing to global innovation in digital technology.


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DigiHall Day 2019


At the next DigiHall Day scheduled for Thursday, March 28, 2019 at Nano-INNOV Paris-Saclay, the founding members of DigiHall will offer a unique demonstration of the latest technological innovations for the industry. This year, the major theme of the event will be the impact of artificial intelligence:
"AI, technological and societal (r)evolution".

Place : Nano-INNOV Paris-Saclay - 8 avenue de la Vauve (D128 - Bâtiment 861) 91120 Palaiseau


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