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Interdisciplinary Project

Chedy Raissi at NASA Frontier Development Lab 

C.Beri - 28/06/2016

Chedy Raïssi, of the Orpailleur team, has been participating in an international project as part of the 'Nasa Frontier Development Lab' since 27th June. This project will bring together scientists and engineers in the private sector from several backgrounds to work on the issues of 'planetary defence'.


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Inria Industry Meeting

Numerical Simulation for Healthcare and Wellbeing, from Cell to Virtual Patient


Nowadays, virtual reality becomes more and more engrained in our everyday lives, both personal and professional, in the form of games, motion pictures, simulators and more. Simulation is now often an important part of the training for people of different professions.  Methods for representing artificial or augmented environments are being constantly improved. Researchers also keep developing even more precise models, now closely approaching the living world. This modeling work is carried out on a multi-scale level, taking into account a wide range of parameters. These resulting models can thus be adapted and applied to a specific environment, application, topic or theme, and thus to the patient.


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Inria Nancy Grand Est fête ses 30 ans


Site 30 ans


website gathering all the activities achieved during the 30th anniversary of the center in one click ! 


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JB Mouret


For Jean-Baptiste Mouret, robotics is fantastic

J.Tourdiat/J.B. Mouret - 16/12/2016

Specialised in artificial intelligence and robotics, Jean-Baptiste Mouret joined the Inria Nancy - Grand Est centre in May 2015. As a member of the Larsen team, he is brilliantly putting in place the project that earned him an ERC grant. Here is a look back at the success story of this young 35 years old researcher...


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Laurent Bougrain Inria Nancy - Grand Est


A multidisciplinary book that brings Brain-Computer Interfaces to a wider audience


For the first time in France, Laurent Bougrain, a lecturer at the Université de Lorraine and head of the Neurosys project team, has co-written a book for anyone who uses Brain-Computer Interfaces. That includes healthcare professionals, video game developers and researchers, as well as a much wider audience, curious to explore the philosophical and ethical aspects of this subject.

Enter the amazing world where humans can control computers by thought alone!


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Jasmin Blanchette Jasmin Blanchette - Inria Nancy - Grand Est

ERC Starting Grants 2016

Jasmin Blanchette awarded an ERC grant for his Matryoshka project

C.Beri - 8/09/2016

Jasmin Blanchette, a researcher on the VeriDis project team, based at Nancy and Saarbrücken, has won an ERC Starting Grant (StG) for his Matryoshka project. Success at his first attempt, which we look at in a good-humoured interview flavoured with a touch of poetry…   


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Nasa Retour NASA

Interdisciplinary Project

Chedy Raïssi: an astronomy enthusiast in a NASA program

C.Beri - 28/10/2016

After six weeks spent at the Frontier Development Lab (FDL), hosted by NASA and the SETI Institute, the adventure is continuing for Chedy Raïssi, a researcher on the Orpailleur project-team. Here is a look back at this programme and its repercussions. 


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New technologies against Malicious computer activity

RII 2016

Conference on cybersecurity


In an ever evolving digital world, cyber-criminals never cease to devise new threats.

From critical infrastructure operators and administrations to large companies, SMEs and ordinary citizens: no one is safe. In order to deal with the evolution of these new threats, a new generation of tools is necessary to protect sensitive data and computer systems.


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Post-doctoral research fellowships

Post-doctoral research visits at Inria Nancy

All year long, Inria organizes post-doctoral research visits for individuals holding PhDs. The list below is regularly updated.


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Aurore Guillevic, new researcher in the Caramba team

C.Beri - 8/03/2017

Aurore Guillevic has been a researcher in the Caramba project team since November 2016. Halfway between mathematics and computer science, she works in the field of cryptography, on the security of encryption systems.


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