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Maud Marchal and Julien Pettré testing the Joyman in Immersia VR room, Rennes

Virtual reality

Lean and Go in Virtual Worlds

Jean-Michel Prima - 23/05/2012

Scientists from Inria and Insa Rennes come up with a trampoline-like innovative VR interface for pedestrian navigation. Making a joystick of the human body as a whole is what Joyman is all about.


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CC0 / Pixabay

Human-computer interaction

The 1 € Filter: improved Human-computer interaction


Human-computer interaction (HCI) has never been in the news as much as now. While it is true that technological progress is important and reverberates through our daily lives, there are still improvements to be made. Accuracy and responsiveness are at the centre of these concerns. It's also what at stake in the 1 € Filter project of the Mjolnir team at the Inria Lille - Nord Europe research centre.


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Imagination motrice : contrôler le curseur à l’écran par la pensée - © Inria / Photo C. Morel

Brain week

How the brain learns to use a brain-computer interface


At the ICM, the Brain & Spine Institute in Paris, Fabrizio De Vico Fallani (Aramis team) uses brain-computer interfaces to analyse brain activity in subjects. His approach is distinctive in that it applies complex network theory to model interconnections within the brain. Within the NetBCI project, he is seeking to understand how a subject learns to use a brain-computer interface… with the ultimate aim of improving the performance of such interfaces.Brain week


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Prosecco Seminar

Prosecco Seminar


Place : JLL 2, bât C

Guest(s) : Exequiel Rivas


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© Inria / Photo Raphaël de Bengy


Interface - Inria's exhibition space

Interface, located at EuraTechnologies, is the result of a joint work between Inria Lille - Nord Europe center and its partners. It's a space for demonstrators and interactions between researchand indusry.


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© Inria / Photo Raphaël de Bengy

Art et Science

Interface: a dialogue between research, industry and art

Dominique Fidel - 6/05/2019

The result of joint efforts between Inria Lille – Nord Europe Centre and its partners, Interface is a new space for interactions between research and industry. Its demonstrators allow visitors to discover the research carried out by the scientists at the centre.


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