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Visualisation of Internet dataflows - ©LHS/Inria/Loria


ThreatPredict : to predict cyberattacks

Isabelle Kling - 23/01/2019

When can we expect real-time internet security “forecasts”, in order to predict where and when cyberattacks will strike? According to Jérôme François, a researcher and member of the joint Inria Nancy Grand Est and LORIA research team RESIST and Ghita Mezzour, a research lecturer at the International University of Rabat in Morocco, we may have to wait a few more years. However, these two researchers, who are collaborating on the NATO-funded ThreatPredict programme, are already pooling their knowledge and devoting their teams’ combined expertise to the pursuit of this goal and the creation of the required tools.


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Jérôme François and Olivier Festor, team RESIST Inria Nancy - Grand Est


IEEE IM did not RESIST to rewarding 3 scientists from our center!

Véronique Poirel - 17/04/2019

Three researchers from the RESIST research team, based at Inria in Nancy and at the Loria laboratory, were honoured during the 16th International IFIP/IEEE Symposium, IM 2019. The symposium was dedicated to integrated network management, and took place in Washington DC between the 8th to 12th April.


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