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Olivier Temam, responsable de l'action exploratoire ByMoore


Olivier Temam, recognized for his Franco-Chinese collaboration.

Emmanuelle Perrot - 23/04/2012

Olivier Temam, Senior Research Scientist at Inria and leader of the ByMoore exploratory action, has been recognized twice (in 2010 and 2011) as part of the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ “International Talents Program”, for his cooperation with ICT (Institute of Computing Technology) in Beijing. And in February, his former PhD student, Zheng Li, himself received an award for research excellence for his PhD thesis. This prize is awarded by the Chinese government to Chinese students who have obtained their theses abroad, and there are about 500 recipients among the tens of thousands of Chinese PhD students (in all scientific disciplines) graduating abroad every year. Olivier Temam has recently established a joint team with ICT (YOUHUA) within the framework of the Franco-Chinese Lab for Computer Science, Automation and Applied Mathematics (LIAMA) after first setting up an INRIA associate team. Olivier talks us about the rationale and benefits of this collaboration.


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