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Conférence fOSSa 2015

Event - Openness

fOSSa 2015 in Nantes

Jean-Michel Prima - 7/09/2015

Created by Inria, fOSSa is a conference where scientists present the latest open source developments. The seventh edition takes place in Nantes from 23 to 25 September 2015. As explained by its co-ordinator, Stéphane Ribas, the event provides an opportunity to get a preview of the latest trends coming out of a flourishing ecosystem.


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Nicolas Tabareau

European Research Council 2014

Democratizing Proof Assistants

Jean-Michel Prima - 10/02/2015

Proving theorem and software correctness are the two raisons d'être of proof assistants. Coq, the result of a 25-year project driven by Inria, has become a preeminent tool in this domain. Yet, a recent breakthrough in mathematics by Fields medal Vladimir Voevosdky has opened the door to a huge improvement of formal verification. Inria scientist Nicolas Tabareau is being granted funding by the European Research Council (ERC) in order to explore how this finding could indeed pave the way to a novel and much enhanced version of Coq. As he explains, this work is expected to have a very strong impact and spread the use of this proof assistant across the industry.


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Adrien Lèbre


Bringing computing and storage closer to the user

Jean-Michel Prima - 20/09/2018

A new team led by Adrien Lebre in Nantes, Stack is working to redefine the infrastructures of cloud computing. The goal: to relocate data centres to meet the new lag constraints of new uses (augmented reality, Internet of Things, etc.) while trying to minimise the energy impact. To orchestrate this transition from cloud to edge computing, academics and manufacturers rely on consistent open-source projects, such as the eco-system OpenStack supported by a community of more than 1,500 regular developers.


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