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Simulating wave propagation with XLife++

Charlotte Renauld - 3/02/2017

Waves are everywhere in our daily lives, be they light, radio, sound, seismic, gravity or on vibrating strings.  As a result of this diversity, waves give rise to rich and complex propagation problems in the presence of obstacles, especially since they can propagate indefinitely. This leads to a certain number of issues: How can these phenomena be digitally simulated? How can infinite environments, even in 3D, be managed, without using too many computer resources? How can we have one general simulation tool instead of several tools devoted to specific phenomena, whilst providing high performance? At the latest Unithé ou Café, on Friday 3 February, Nicolas Kielbasiewicz, member of the Poems project team, presents his research and explains how the design of the XLiFE++ computation code makes it possible to meet the multiple requirements of researchers in wave propagation.


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