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Emilia Tantar, who comes from Romania, currently lives in Luxembourg after spending three years in France as a member of the Dolphin project team at Inria Lille-Nord Europe: an international journey that has, in no particular order, given her an interest in business, a liking for mussels and fries and a good knowledge of European languages.


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The career of a researcher

Alexandra Roatiș: "Research in computer science demands a high degree of creativity"

Lise Loumé - 19/03/2014

The third "Semaine des Mathématiques" (Mathematics Week) has chosen to place "Mathematics at the crossroads of cultures". This is an opportunity for Inria to put the spotlight on its interaction with other disciplines. We can illustrate this with the career of Alexandra Roatiș, a PhD student of Romanian origin and a researcher in computer science in the OAK team.


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