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Feedback Experience : Inria Innovation Lab METIS

Artelys  is an SME specialising in optimisation solutions, statistics and decision support. The company has become a leader in the field in France, and is expanding in the international market. Artelys provides solutions and services ranging from strategic optimisation to developing operational software solutions.


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Sustainable development

Optimising energy for the future

Laure Guion - 18/03/2013

The chosen topic for the second Semaine des mathématiques (Maths Week) , 18th - 24th March 2013, is "Mathematics for planet Earth". This provides us with the perfect opportunity to promote research projects focussing on this subject.
Interview with Olivier Teytaud, from the Tao project team, which is embarking on the POST project with the aim of creating a software platform enabling investment in the electrical system to be optimised on a continental scale.


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