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Start-up Mediego

Mediego, personalisation in real time

AB - 27/08/2015

Mediego was founded in April 2015 by Anne-Marie Kermarrec, a specialist in peer-to-peer systems and a Director of Research at Inria. This start-up company builds up a profile of individual web users in order to offer them products and services that match their tastes. 


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30 years of business creation

Business creation

Inria celebrates 30 years of business creation

Dircom - 26/11/2014

1984: Inria becomes a shareholder in a first company, SIMULOG. It was the start of a history of company creation which is still going strong today! Today, and over the coming months, Inria is turning the spotlight on 30 years of exciting entrepreneurial ventures. It is an opportunity to remind ourselves that the creation of businesses is one of the areas Inria decided to focus on in its search for economic and societal impact. Interview with Antoine Petit, managing director of Inria and Eric Horlait, Inria’s deputy managing director responsible for transfer and industrial partnerships


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