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Vincent Calvez Photo credit : Pierre Blondeau - © Inria

Scientist Award

Vincent Calvez wins European Mathematical Society prize

Christelle Dupont - 20/07/2016

Vincent Calvez has been awarded the EMS 2016 prize for his work at the intersection between mathematics and biology. Through his research on the collective migration of bacteria within a large concentration wave, he has made a fundamental contribution to mathematical analysis and the development of new mathematical models, with applications in biology and biophysics.


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Meeting with LIFEWARE

Charlotte Renauld - 29/06/2016

The LIFEWARE project-team joined the Inria Saclay - Île-de-France research centre in January 2016. Between hardware and software, LIFEWARE seeks to shed light on life software by trying to understand its methods using engineering methods. Meeting with François Fages, Grégory Batt and Sylvain Soliman.


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