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Image d'une coupe d'une tumeur invasive dans un état avancé, simulée dans le foie. Les petits vaisseaux du foie (appelés sinusoids) sont en rouges, les hepatocytes en brun, les cellules tumorales proliférantes en blanc et les cellules tumorales en quiescence en gris. - © Inria Image of a cross-section of an invasive and advanced tumour simulated in the liver. - © Inria


Research against cancer


World Cancer Day will be held on 4 February 2013. Cancer continues to be the leading cause of death worldwide, well ahead of wars and other natural catastrophes. What research is being conducted in this field? Interview with Dirk Drasdo and William Weens of the Bang project team, who are conducting research on the subject.


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© LLTech The 3D viewer allows to visualize a Crohn’s disease structure not visible at the surface - © LLTech


Guiding the physician during cancer surgery


The purpose of the ADOC project, involving the Galen research team, is to develop an imaging scanner providing guided diagnosis for cancer surgery. It’s labeled by the MEDICEN competitiveness cluster and funded (with respect to Inria) by the Île-de-France Region.


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Laurence Calzone

Colloquium Jacques Morgenstern

Colloquium J. Mrgenstern : Laurence Calzone


Laurence Calzone, research scientist at Institut Curie, will present on 13 june 2019: "Cancer network modelling: towards personalised medicine".

Place : Inria, Sophia Antipolis, Amphithéâtre, Bâtiment Kahn

Guest(s) : Laurence Calzone (Institut Curie)


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Photo: Ari Rossner - Therapixel

Start & UP!

Therapixel improves breast cancer detection

A. Cortell - 18/03/2019

Specialising in Artificial Intelligence applied to medical imaging, Therapixel, an Inria spin-off based in Sophia Antipolis, has just raised 5 million euros in a Series A round (optimisation phase) in order to develop its artificial intelligence system used to help diagnose breast cancer. 


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