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Christopher Humphries et Nicolas Prigent from Inria project-team Cidre Christopher Humphries et Nicolas Prigent sont membres de Cidre, une équipe de recherche rennaise spécialiste de la détection d'intrusion.


Viewing for a better diagnosis

Jean-Michel Prima - 27/11/2015

When analysing an attack on a system, human intervention is still a key factor. But the event logs on the operator's screen display a flood of data. How do you identify the right information? Elvis is a research prototype developed at Rennes. It offers an innovative display technique to highlight the relevant phenomena.


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Valérie Viet Triem Tong & Jean-François Lalande Valérie Viet Triem Tong & Jean-François Lalande, from CIDRE research team


Automatically Dissecting Android Malware

Jean-Michel Prima - 30/04/2018

The Android galaxy is plagued with a host of fake apps solely devised to rob smartphone users of their ID, their data or their money. Studying this type of infection vector, a group of French scientists is coming up with a string of innovative test and visualization tools meant to help security analysts investigate suspicious software, explore its inner-structure, force sleeping code out of dormancy and produce an intuitive graph representation of what the malware is really up to.


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Emmanuelle Anceaume Emmanuelle Anceaume


Improving Bitcoin... with forks

Jean-Michel Prima (*) - 30/08/2018

Created 10 years ago, Bitcoin allows secure and anonymous payments without going through a bank. The new currency is based on a particularly well-design mechanism called a blockchain. A mixture of cryptography and distributed architecture, this tamper-proof registry guarantees the validity of successive transactions. But problems are arising: the computing cost is soaring. Energy expenditure as well. It is also impossible to manage a large number of transactions per second. Specializing in peer-to-peer (P2P) networks, researcher Emmanuelle Anceaume, from Rennes, proposes two new innovations to enable it to transition to another scale.


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Nicolas Prigent & Christopher Humphries Nicolas Prigent & Christopher Humphries


A kit for tracking down intrusions

Jean-Michel Prima - 6/06/2017

Security analysts continue to play an irreplaceable role in understanding attacks on information systems. These are the people the events records visualisation solution developed by SplitSec, a start-up being created at the Inria Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique centre, is aimed at.


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