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Inria Industry Meeting

Medical devices, connected objects and information systems: how is digital convergence managed?

13 October 2015 at the Palais de la Bourse, Bordeaux -

Inria has long been involved in research in the Life Sciences and Healthcare. Over 20% of our research teams are dedicated to subjects directly linked to the field of healthcare. Many of these develop cross-disciplinary expertise, driving forward the increasing use of digital technology in healthcare.


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Start-up YoGoKo

YoGoKo, towards an innovative platform for intelligent transport

AB - 2/09/2015

At the dawn of the age of the connected and cooperative vehicle, the issue of means of communication between different equipments is an urgent one. The start-up YoGoKo - twice prize-winner at the i-Lab competition - already has a promising "all-in-one" solution. Its CEO, Thierry Ernst, explains.


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