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Applied Mathematics

Researchers passionate about mathematics

Françoise breton - Technoscope - 8/03/2010

To mark International Women’s Day, two of Inria’s female staff, an experienced researcher and a young PhD student, tell us about their passion for their work. Interview with Catherine Bonnet, Head of the DISCO team and member of the board of the association ‘Femmes et mathématiques’, and Céline Blondeau, a PhD student in the SECRET project-team.


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Razvan Barbulescu - Emmanuel Thomé - Pierrick Gaudry

Discrete logs

A major breakthrough in discrete logarithms

D. Baudier - 31/10/2013

In spring 2013, four scientists broke through one of the most stubborn barriers in the world of cryptography: the discrete logarithm problem. Read on to learn how...


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Vadim Lyubashevsky

European Research Council 2014

Vadim Lyubashevsky: making cryptographic systems more secure


Protected by cryptography, what we share over the Net is secure… for the time being. Vadim Lyubashevsky is a researcher working in the Cascade project team. He designs data protection protocols with improved security. His project is supported by the European Research Council (ERC), which has awarded him aStarting Grant.


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Research teams

Cryptography and coding for greater digital security

Laure Guion - 13/07/2012

Inria's dynamic approach to science is due in part to its policy of regularly renewing its project teams. Indeed, every four to eight years, the teams must present a new research project. This offers an opportunity to come up with a new theme, a new team leader, a new name, new profiles, etc. A few months after the Tanc team evolved to form the Grace research project, we met with Daniel Augot, the new team leader, to discuss the implications of this change.


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Honorary Doctor Anne Canteaut @University of Bergen


Anne Canteaut nominated Honorary Doctor at the University of Bergen, Norway.


Since 1951 the University of Bergen, Norway, has been nominating Honorary Doctors, the highest honor the University can award to people not employed at the University but that have distinguished themselves with their outstanding work in a particular field.

On October 15th 2019, Anne Canteaut, Research Director at Inria and head of the project-team SECRET had the honor of being nominated.


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