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DomAssist: Help at home for the elderly

CD - 3/03/2014

The DomAssist project aims to improve the well-being and independence of the elderly in their own homes by installing a range of simple sensors to detect movement, light and electricity usage. The readings from these sensors are then combined intelligently by a number of applications that interact with the user by means of a tablet computer. 


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Posture recognition («stop and go» and «sit down» activities) using the video camera at the CMRR.

Digital medecine

Using digital technology to combat Alzheimer’s

Bel Dume - 15/05/2012

To monitor elderly people at home, particularly those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, in order to care for them better: that is the ambition of Inria’s ‘Stars’ research team, which designs digital models of human behaviour based on data acquired through patient observation.


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