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Projet Diversify


Software Engineering & Biological Systems

Jean-Michel Prima - 28/03/2017

Could software engineering find some inspiration in the way biological systems function? A multidisciplinary group of scientists spent three years exploring the concept in the context of Diversify, a European project led by Inria researcher Benoît Baudry. Their in silico experiments show that, just like biodiversity, software diversity is a huge plus when it comes to robustness and adaptability to changes.


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European project

Metadata for a better understanding of the past

Laure Guion - 26/10/2012

2014 marks the centenary of the First World War. But how can such an event be commemorated when the relevant historical resources are scattered throughout the whole of Europe and historians have not yet been able to conduct an exhaustive study of all of them? Laurent Romary explains how, with the CENDARI project, computational sciences can provide a solution to this problem and come to the aid of all social sciences.


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